And Yet Undaunted...Today!

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Our new book, And Yet Undaunted, is officially out today!

We (Paula and Connally) have shared a rich adventure writing this book. And we suspect the timing of its release is turning out to be spot on.  

In the three+ years since we began the project, we’ve realized that everyone’s life--including our own--feels more chaotic than, say, five years ago. You click on a news channel, and angry words pour out. Your child is struggling.   Will he be susceptible to the thought that his angst would go away if he were a different gender? All of this, of course, is on top of just the general life stuff of relationships and paying a mortgage and starting new jobs…..  

Here, though, is the sweet irony. The uptick in chaos has forced each of us to grapple more pointedly than we could have imagined with the very question we write about in And Yet Undaunted:

Is the goodness of God and His Big Story

real and robust enough to hold the realities of the life you are facing?  

In writing, we have grown more convinced than ever that the answer is Yes. Paula puts it this way:

“What I (Paula) have loved about writing this book is that taking our stories through the four acts of the Gospel--creation, fall,  redemption, and restoration--has deepened my awe of how utterly “enough” God is. Truly, what is happening in my life in the current moment, which sometimes feels overwhelming, is resting on God, and not so much on me.”  

Likewise, what I (Connally) have loved about writing this book is that in a world that appears to have “lost the plot,” (and left lots of us anxious for a path), I’ve rediscovered that we really do inhabit the Big Story of the eternally good, triune God.  Writing has infused this amazing news far deeper into my bones. (Plus, Paula and I have laughed like crazy together, and that has been its own medicine!)

Our prayer, then, is that as you move through this book with us, you will reflect on your own story in light of the four acts of the Gospel--creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. As you do, we believe that you will discover fresh hope in unexpected places. And that hope, we are convinced, will be the balm that braces, lifting our chins, spurring us forward--through whatever of the chaos--and yet undaunted.

Please pick up a copy!  They go on sale today at Amazon and a host of other sites.  You can get to your favorite retailer by clicking here: