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Connally is an accomplished and frequent speaker on what it takes to build a deep, gritty and winsome faith in the midst of our chaotic culture. Drawing on her personal discovery of Jesus Christ's presence in tough issues (such as singleness, sexuality, gender, loss or race), her plenary sessions, retreats, and workshops seek to "go there" with Scriptural-strength, spiritual sensitivity, and lovely amounts of laughter.  In short, she helps make the eternal reality of Jesus Christ internally real in the present.

Connally in Action. 

With panelists at Falls Church Anglican conference, Being Human:  Gender.  Sexuality.  Fulfillment (September 2017) . 

Connally in Action...

Final Talk at Hope Community Church (October 2017)

Connally in Action...

With Sherry Jones at New York City Movement Day (October 2013)

"Connally Gilliam is a fantastic speaker. But what I really mean is that Connally grabs you in a deeply personal way that makes you look at God and say 'Wow.'"

Paula Rinehart, Author
Strong Women, Soft Hearts and Sex and the Soul of a Woman

Connally in Action...

Chapel Talk At Regent College Vancouver (November 2014)

Connally in Action...

Introductory Presentation for the Navigators Video Series on Sexual Health and Wholeness (SHAW)