Meet Connally.

After 20 years in the DC area, Connally Gilliam has relocated back to her home town, Charlottesville, VA.  Connally holds both a BA and MT in English from the University of Virginia (also in Charlottesville) and her MA in Theological Studies from Regent College (Vancouver, BC), where she also serves on the Board of Governors.

Serving locally, nationally, and internationally with the US Navigators, through her speaking, writing and mentoring, Connally brings the warm, strong, and revelatory light of Jesus Christ -- often through the confusing questions surrounding singleness, sexuality, gender, loss and race -- to the hearts and minds of women and men.

As the author of “Revelations of a Single Woman: loving the life I didn’t expect” (Tyndale, 2006), Connally's continued journey around many unexpected curves has deepened the authentic faith which she joyfully offers to others.

“What a gifted communicator Connally Gilliam is! Whether in conversation, small groups, or speaking to large audiences, she is alive and present—present to the people she is with, present personally, present as a student of Scripture, but above all, attentive to the presence of God, here and now. The result is invariably powerful, memorable, and effective. Intelligent and well trained, she does not take herself too seriously and laughter comes naturally. Because her ethos is so disarming, her words, as C S Lewis says, 'get past watchful dragons.'"

Bruce Hindmarsh, D.Phil. (Oxon.), FRHistS
James M. Houston Professor of Spiritual Theology                                       
Regent College, Vancouver