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Ready for a weekend away that encourages your heart and refreshes your soul?

Join Paula Rinehart and Connally Gilliam for a four-session exploration of gazing at and gaining hope from God’s faithfulness, even amidst the gritty realities of loss, grief and brokenness.

Over four distinct sessions, Paula and Connally will help women see that their deep longings and complex stories are really woven into God’s broader, bigger story. The result for participants is fresh courage for the journey of life!

Session 1: Design: Beauty and Bonding (Life as It Ought to Be)

Using the Genesis creation account, the first session focuses on what women were designed to be -- profound, God-imaging beauty and imbued with a unique capacity for relational bonds. Women’s vulnerability was designed to be a great gift, and women’s longings for life were and are meant to awakened.

Session 2: Rupture: Beauty Marred and Bonds Broken (Life as It Is)

The cold realities of loneliness, wrongdoing and death leave holes in women’s hearts - and a deep ache for what they know is missing or lost. Women are invited to consider a wound in their lives, a lie they believed due to that wound, choices they made based on the lie, and the truth God wants to give them.

Session 3: Repair:  Beauty Owned and Bonds Renewed (Life as It Can Be)

Using New Testament stories of Jesus and women, the third session focuses on Christ meeting women in the very places where vulnerability has become a liability. With his endless goodness, Christ empowers women to walk forward with gritty faith and hope-filled hearts. This journey brings life to others as they see Christ's power in the midst of life as it is. 

Session 4: Beauty Fulfilled and Bonds Completed (Life as It Will Be)

The last session points toward the eternal reality of women’s vulnerability being restored to them as the gift and joy as it was designed to be. And the gritty faith wrought in the fires of life becomes a deep and beautiful strength reflecting the faithfulness of God toward women.


About Paula and Connally

Paula and Connally bring very different life stories, but they form an unexpectedly powerful team. Their journeys touch on unintended singleness, the pain of infertility, the death of two nephews, an alcoholic mother...and much more.

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